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Natural Stone Sealer

Most forms of natural stone when used to lay driveways and patios will very quickly start to look tired and grubby. This is due to any form of natural stone, sandstone, limestone or natural slate by its nature being very porous.

This leads to dirt and grime penetrating the surface making it very hard to keep clean. Another common problem is due to the moisture retention within the natural stone, algae and lichens quickly establish themselves and live on the surface of the stone.

These inherent problems with natural stone surfaces can be cured by applying Smartseal ULTRA natural stone and sandstone sealer.

Smartseal ULTRA will impregnate the surface of the natural stone and alter the chemical structure of the stone. The sealer will penetrate deep into the materials pores rendering it water repellent.

Application of the stone sealer will also protect the mortar and pointed joints from the adverse effects of the elements.

Smartseal ULTRA natural stone sealer will generally protect the surface for around 10 years before a top up coat is required. The sealant is easily applied by sprayer, roller or brush with only one coat required (average coverage 5 m2 per litre)

Smartseal also supply a colour enhancing natural stone sealer with an expected lifespan of 3-5 years.

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