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Sandstone Sealer

Sandstone by its nature is very soft and porous stone making it very susceptible to the damp prevailing weather in the UK

Left unsealed algae, lichens and moss can soon become established, with everyday stains and dirt easily ground into the surface, spoiling the appearance making it very hard to keep clean. 

Smartseal ULTRA impregnating sandstone sealer is a solvent free, invisible and breathable high quality sealer. It is suitable for all indian sandstone and slate surfaces.

Application of the sealer will protect the sandstone against damage caused by ingress of water, staining and other contanminants.

The sandstone sealer can be applied indoor and outdoor surfaces. Once sealed the surface will be far easier to clean, maintain and keep looking good.

Smartseal ULTRA impregnating sandstone sealer is a one coat application with average coverage of approximately 5m² per litre and a lifespan of up to 10 years.

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