Patio Sealer Application imagePatio Sealer Application image

Patio Sealer Application

When applying  Smartseal patio sealer always ensure you are wearing protective gloves, safety glasses, face mask and boots.  Dependent on porosity of the patio slabs or flagstones being treated, we recommend applying 2 or 3 fine coats of patio sealer allowing a minimum of 1 hour between coats, dependent on temperature.


It is recommended that our patio sealer is best applied by a sprayer unit to enable light coats to be applied, but a roller kit or large paint brush can be used. The average coverage of the patio sealer will be on average 4-6 sq metres per litre, dependent on type of slab or flagstone installed.

PLEASE NOTE: Always ensure the surface is completely dry before application of patio sealer, with no precipitation forecast for at least 8 hours..

Smartseal patio sealer will provide many years of protection to all forms of porous patio slabs, but we recommend a single top up coat of patio sealer every few years. for more information visit our maintenance page for more details.

Enquire online if you have questions regarding Smartseal Patio Sealer or call 01268 722500