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Patio Sealer

A good patio sealer should not only make your patio look great but also provide a very protective coating that protects the patio from all forms of weathering.

Smartseal patio sealer is very high quality sealant manufactured in the UK. Smartseal supply two types of patio sealer, one which is a solvent based acrylic sealer, the other water based. Both are very effective but act in different ways, rthe solvent sealer being a topical sealer whilst the water based sealer is an 'impregnating' sealer invisible to the naked eye. 

The damp warm climate found in the the British Isles creates a constant challenge for homewoners who try to keep their patios looking good at all times. The porous patio surfaces such as sandstone or block paving make it very easy for green algae and moss to spread on the patio which make ongoing maintenance a constant issue.

The patio sealer can keep your patio protected against all forms of deterioration such as:

  • Moss growing in damp shaded spots
  • The spread of green algae and black lichen
  • Fading of original colours
  • Stains from bird 'droppings'
  • Pointing becoming loose due to frost and ice
  • Weeds growing in soft sanded joints

All of the issues listed above can be rectified using a patio sealer from Smartseal. Once you have cleaned you patio, it should be left to dry out completely prior to sealing. The patio sealer can be applied by roller or pump action sprayer and will make your patio resistant to water penetration which in turn will slow down the growth of mosses and algae making maintenance much more manageable.

The solvent based acrylic sealer will enhance any original colouring in your patio to leave a silky, wet look finish. If you want an invisible looking sealer for your patio it is best to use our impregnating natural stone sealer. 

The high grade patio sealers supplied by Smartseal are suitable for block paving, imprinted concrete, flagstones, yorkstone, sandstone, limestone, travertine, slate and all types of natural stone.

If you would like to find out more about Smartseal patio sealers, please call 01268 722505 or fill in our online enquiry form.